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Traveling At Home While There’s a Typhoon

Here’s the secret on how we travel. Here’s five of our favorite travel blogs, some from international travelers and mostly from local Filipinos. Read on and enjoy seeing places right at the comfort of your homes. We know we do.

As we started with Tawidtayo, we were inspired by Sir Estan’s photo essays. So inspired that we even made our own a few years back. Now, we are still looking forward to more adventurous loops and wonderful finds from Langyaw’s travels. A definite must-read for travel junkies!

1000 Places to Fight Before You Die
We love the funny antics, the wonderful sights and the unique twists Mike and Luci have during their trips. The shared dialogs make it feel like you are actually there with them, arguing over small things and laughing at silly mistakes.

Weekend Haven
She has traveled to different places in and out of the country yet what astounds us is her segment called Weekend Photos. Valerie offers a great selection of photos from her chosen travels that would want to make you leap off to that destination in an instant.

En Route
Ferdz and his travels amaze us as he goes from one city to another country in a matter of posts. He does give great insights as to what to expect in each destination and his photos capture the raw emotions of the moments in his journey.

As a master in landscape photography, Sir Allan Barredo’s masterpieces do leave us breathless. With his amazing ability of playing with light and colors, he’s blog has challenged us to take better pictures and to give places a closer second look before snapping away.

So sit back, relax and pour yourself a cup of warm coffee. The typhoon season may have started this month but then the traveling still doesn’t stop.

Share your favorite travel sites here, we’d love to find out new sites to see and to visit.




Tawidtayo is now 1 year old! After 1 year of travelling together, we hope you all will still continue to support us as we try to bring you more stories, more spots and more insights about the glory and beauty of the island and the people.

Now, as the site grows we also try to add a few more features which may also be interesting for you and as it is for us. For this year, we will shed more light on the Negrense lifestyle today and how it has evolved from the past.

So thank you so much for your continuous support, even if we were not able to update it thoroughly due to our schedules. For any comments or suggestions, feel free to drop a line for us here or email us at If you have any questions for iteneraries or suggestions for day trips involving any city featured here, we are more than willing to help. Again, thank you and tara na! Tuloy pa rin tayo sa pag tawid.


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